Mom Crush: Asha Dornfest of Parent Hacks

indexI'm always in constant edit mode as far as making things more streamlined in my life as a parent, which is why I LOVE Parent Hacks and I have a total mom crush on Asha Dornfest, the creator of the website

Her latest book, PARENT HACKS, is an illustrated collection of genius shortcuts inspired by her blog and her previous book, MINIMALIST PARENTING, (with co-author Christine Koh) gives parents the “keep it simple” philosophy of parenting and life they have both embraced in their two very different ways. Asha and Christine also co-host the weekly podcast Edit Your Life about simplifying, decluttering and making room for what matters in your life.

On the site Asha and her readers share their favorite hacks on everything from pregnancy and postpartum, potty training, sleeping (my most frequented category currently), travel and outings and more. From tips on a shop that specializes in hard to find replacement lovies to this GENIUS hack for bringing your own buckle for restaurant high chairs (am I the only one that always finds the one highchair with no buckle?!) the site is a treasure trove of little gems for parents.

Some of the hacks you might adopt into your regular routine, some might be a one off solution or a temporary fix while you get through a particularly tough stage, and honestly I have found that just browsing the topic sometimes just makes something click in my mind like AHA! A lot of these hacks are time saving and money saving (and not to mention, sanity saving) you are guaranteed to find something that makes you think "How did I never think of that?!" (hello? STUFFED ANIMAL STORAGE YES PLEASE).


You can find the podcast, book info, the blog and more all right here, and you can even follow them here on Instagram (which is half useful tips and half hilariousness, I love the IKEA high chair hose down). Ps, you can find the book in stock at Northshire Bookstore Saratoga as well. Good luck parents! xoxo