Have Kids? You Need These! {stuff I love}

SARA(1)Every once in a while I come across a product that I love so much I just don't know how I lived without it before, and these little cup snuggies from Boon are just that sort of product. Most of my kids can successfully drink out of a cup. I say most, because some really can't do it without spilling (HELLO 2 year old!) and some can do it, they just can't fully be trusted to not spill it (4 year old). The ones that are fully capable (8 & 9 year olds) still sometimes fall into the "not capable" category from time to time for various reasons (usually involving the 2 year old spilling it for them at the dinner table).

I picked up these little silicone lids by Boon at Babies r Us on a whim and now they ALL want to use one all the time. And who am I to argue?! Made from 100% silicone they fit over most cup sizes (2.5"-3.75" diameter) and make anything spill proof and can fit any kind of straw (so they can go over bigger kid cups and even adult cups if you want to keep the buggies out if you are dining outside). I loved them so much I ordered another set, because fewer messes is always a must do in this house.