My Weekend in Photos

IMG_1037We went blueberry picking (again) this weekend, but this place is our favorite spot. It's just around the corner from where we live, we go every year at least a few times and use up our blueberries in muffins and pancakes and just eating them by the handful.

What I love best about going picking is that you get lost in the process. You walk down the rows of bushes and forget where you are, you're just on the hunt for the best berries. The kids work together to help the smaller ones get the blue ones on the top, and even though Talley winds up picking mostly green blueberries we wound up with a good haul.

Add in finding the perfect pair of shorts that I can breastfeed in AND fit into (thanks Forever 21! Haha it never gets old going in there with all the kids), some thunderstorm watching, rock painting, and some serious sister snuggling and it was a great weekend...

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