The Apps That Make My World Go 'Round

come-onMy phone is always the one that the kids get to play with, so it's constantly cluttered with junk: probably like three or four cookie decorating game apps, some nail painting game apps, Minecraft, some random stick figure riding motorcycle apps, pretty much anything they want to download goes onto my phone. But when it comes time to clear things out there are a few apps that I always keep because they help save my sanity on a daily basis.

unnamedFirst up is the Remind app which HELLO WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY PARENT LIFE REMIND APP?! This free messaging app is a go between for you and your child's teachers, using real-time messaging for your school, group, or just a single person. Right now I have my 3rd grader and my preschooler's classes using the remind app and it is a lifesaver for reminders (duh) and to be able to communicate directly with the teachers. Heads up to all teachers, please start using this like NOW. I am such a better school parent because of this app.

Next is the Brusheez app, which basically is just a timer for the kids to brush their teeth. Sounds pretty basic, the kids get to pick their own little brushing buddy and then a timer lets them know when they have brushed their teeth for the right amount of time. It's because it's so basic that the kids like using it, it's easy to use and fun to watch and sometimes it's the only reason my kids will brush their teeth. If they don't use the app they maybe brush for 0.4 seconds?

Nighty Night has been on my must have apps list for years now, and literally might be the app I've had the longest, no joke. It's perfect for when little ones need a little bit of a wind down, and we use it before bed when they're amped up or when we are traveling and they need a little bit of their routine. On the app the kids go through the farm turning off the lights for each of the animals and saying "good night" to them, and for anyone that has a toddler you know how satisfying it can be for them to turn of a light! Full disclosure, this app has made me fall asleep when I've been nearby when they are using it, it's that good.

Another honorable mention right now is the Haba Unicorn Glitterluck app, it is just SO CUTE OMG. Kids can can create their own individual unicorn, who then takes your child on an adventure through magical worlds like Cloudy Sky, Magic Forrest and Candy World. With the help of the Unicorn your child will learn the numbers from 1-20 in a playful and fun way and you can even switch between 14 different languages.


I love love love to read, but I also have a five month old baby in bed with me and she needs the room to be DARK, so lately I have been doing all of my reading on my Kindle app, and I can even match it up with the Audible app seamlessly so I can read in bed at night and then listen in the car on my 2 1/2 hour round trips down to my oldest daughter's ballet.

Finally, I've been using a few different meditation apps, because let's face it, sometimes we need a little help creating the time and space. Right now I really like Headspace and Pacifica, they give you easy to do meditations and you can track your mood and your progress, plus the kids love trying out the different meditations too. I also always check my Spirit Junkie app, I'm such a big Gabby Bernstein fan and having her affirmations pop up each day makes me smile.