Fellow Mom Book Review: Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton

should-iread-this_You guys know I love to read, but I'm also super picky when it comes to what I will read, and for good reason. If I'm going to use the rare free time I have to read a book, I want it to be WORTH IT. Which is why I'm always asking friends for recommendations on books that they really loved. Today on the blog we have Aimee Coates, mom to Amanda, age 1, reviewing Love Warrior: A Memoir by Glennon Doyle Melton...

Glennon Doyle Melton’s book Love Warrior: A Memoir [published by Flatiron Books] is an emotional and empowering story for the reader who is looking to find inspiration. Melton’s account is a very candid look into a particularly devastating event in her life. In her attempt to understand its cause, she examines herself nakedly and offers an intimate story told with equal parts humor, sadness, confidence, and hope.

Melton is compelled to look within herself after the façade of her marriage is shattered with a surprise revelation by her husband. In an attempt to understand the personal forces that contributed to her marriage crisis, she reflects on the early influences in her life that shaped her relationship with herself and the world. She doesn’t hold back when she shares her often painful self-revelations that come from examining herself and the choices she has made. She earnestly questions the meaning of her life both inside and outside the context of family. And she joyfully reaffirms her personal relationship with God after assessing the impact of patriarchal church societies on her life. Her self-reflection is broad in scope and very intense.

Although her story’s details are deeply personal, I found Melton’s voice to be inviting, open and confident. Reading her memoir feels as if you are opening up your friend’s journal; her admissions come across as endearingly honest and real, untempered by an audience’s potential reaction. She is relatable in many ways, whether touching upon society’s influence on the self-worth of young girls and women, candidly discussing her early struggles with bulimia and later her alcohol dependence, or detailing her struggles as a stay-at-home mother and wife. I found myself rooting for her as a fellow woman comrade: as she writes of facing a crossroads while lying on the bathroom floor nursing a hangover and holding a positive pregnancy test, my heart reached out to her and I couldn’t wait to see what came next in her story. Readers will be glad to have traveled alongside Melton on her journey of self-discovery, possibly gaining their own personal insight along the way.

Thank you Aimee for the review! Local readers you can pick this title up in Saratoga Springs at Northshire Bookstore.