Free Thankful Card Printables for the Kids Table!

giveNeed some place cards for the kids table? How about ones that will keep them busy? Oh and let's throw in a little thankfulness too shall we? Click through to get these free printables perfect for the kids table this holiday.

I'm all about making the kids table fun and being realistic about just how long they will actually sit there, and I also want them to have an idea of what Thanksgiving is all about, so I created these fun little place cards for your kiddo table this year.

I made up two different versions, one with lines for kids who can write in their answers, and one that is blank for kids who want to draw in their answer. You can either write their name in at the top (by the squirrel or the acorn) or have them print their name on there themselves, that way it can also be a keepsake to hold onto each year to look back at what they were thankful for that year.

To download the printables simply click on the photos below. I hope you all have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving! xoxo