Mamaste Challenge #RAOK: Text Someone You Love

you-are-doing-a-good-jobLast night, after a very long day, I crawled into bed with the baby (who yes still sleeps with me as does the toddler don't judge me remember?!), and in order to even get IN my bed I had to move a not so small mountain of laundry out of the way. You see I put it on my bed to motivate me to get it done before I go to sleep. Doesn't always work. Actually it rarely works. I had spent approximately 75% of my day running around in the pouring rain doing errands, picking up ballet slippers and bringing the baby to the pediatrician, getting groceries and the usual hustle and bustle that is motherhood. I didn't get to shower, I didn't get half the stuff done that I needed to, and I was just tired. I also, sorta felt like man, I am overwhelmed today. And it felt a little rough. That stupid little hamster wheel of self judgment started whirring, making me think about the laundry not getting done and the list of things that still were left unfinished and the just uncomfortable "I am too tired to shower even though I really want to" feeling. I just felt, well...blah. The blahs, they creep in, right?

I wasn't feeling super positive, that's for sure.

And it wasn't any big thing, there are many, many situations a million times more difficult. I just needed a pick me up, because I wouldn't, or couldn't, do it myself.

And I got a text from my mother, who told me simply, "You are doing a good job". And you know what? I cried. Because I'm a big cry baby and having five kids has made me a total mushball so I cried, because it just felt so good to hear, even if I was doubting myself. And so I put it on Instagram, because dammit, we ARE doing a good job, all of us. If you are showing up and doing your best and putting in the work, the tough work of being a mother, of being a parent, you are doing a good job. Because this truly is the most important job in the world, and usually goes along without a lot of acknowledgment.

And furthermore, motherhood? Well, it's just beautiful. I know, I know, you're thinking: "What? My unshowered, hair in a bun, sorta dirty yoga pants wearing self doesn't feel very beautiful" but it IS. You ARE. Being a mother is beautiful, whether you're feeling it or not.

So today, this week, this weekend, sometime in the near future, I want you to pass that message along to someone who might need to hear it. Your friend, your own mother, a stranger in the aisle at Target who is mid-toddler meltdown. It means so, so much more than you realize.

And sometimes you just don't know what the next person is really going through. Maybe they don't want to share it with you, maybe they are struggling, and sometimes that little beacon of light can keep them from slipping deeper. Really. So let this post plant that seed in your mind, "I'm going to show some support to a fellow mom this week". Don't be embarrassed, don't be shy, just spread that light and that love. It will make an impact.