Potty Training Tips PLEASE

copy-of-nomatterwherewe-are1 I've said it before and I'll say it again, even as a mom of five kids I sometimes feel like I'm doing things for the very first time. All kids are different, and they all do things on their own schedules, in their own style, and potty training is definitely one of those things.

With my oldest, I boot camped him into potty training. He HAD to be potty trained in order to go to his preschool program, so we did a no pants party all week and pretty successfully pulled it off in just a few days. With my second, it was a little bit trickier, and I came up with a whole new game plan. With my third, well, I have to tell you guys he pretty much potty trained himself, I can't take any credit for it. Now with my fourth I'm back to having zero idea how to start, but I know we need to start, soon.

So throw 'em at me, what are your top potty training tips? What worked for you? I've always been a fan of the Bjorn potties but this toddler is NOT having it. Help me, dear readers, share your potty training magic mojo with me. xoxo