My Weekend in Photos

15171212_1796782860538615_7794230917455646051_n WHEW, now that was a packed weekend. My oldest turned ten, my little ballerina danced as Clara in the Nutcracker Tea, the baby ate food for the first time! It was busy. I'm still not sure how I managed to shower and be everywhere on time?

We also had our "Boys Night Out" at school, and my guys just loved it. Shirley Temple bar, a breakdancing performance, video games set up in the gym, it was pretty perfect. I even got them to pose for a "fancy" photo with me, we shall see how that one turned out...(ps that is Jack dancing to Thriller, it was the funniest/cutest thing I think I've ever seen).

We stocked up on baby food at Healthy Living Market and Cafe (hands down the best baby food selection in the area). Welles was skeptical at first but has since gotten on board and already may have tried her first french fry. Just a tiny bit. It's all about balance, right?!

Finn turned ten and we celebrated with our traditional sprinkle cake, speaking of which, a bunch of you have asked me for the details and it is SO EASY I swear. Four round cakes (you just have to slice the rounded tops off a couple and flip a couple to make it even) with frosting and a TON of sprinkles in between each layer. Then I just cut the letter of the birthday child out in paper and lay that on while I sprinkle the top, gently peel the letter off, smooth the frosting and you're done! It is WAY WAY easier than you think I swear. Plus really it makes it easier for me, with so many birthdays now we always have the same cake and the kids look forward to "their" letter cake each year.

Finally, my oldest daughter danced as Clara in the Nutcracker Tea with the Northeast Ballet Company, and as expected, I totally cried because I'm a giant mushball. I remember taking her for the first time when she was just two, and thinking what a magical little afternoon it is with the little tea cakes and the hot cocoa, she still has that first tiny nutcracker she got that day.

But really, it just overwhelms me how hard these kids work and how passionate they are about performing and making it a great show for the audience. As a parent, I see them all at rehearsals and class, and they put in a lot of hours. They miss school dances and birthday parties and sleepovers because they just love to dance. The whole community of dance parents helps out too, chaperoning and sewing costumes and those kids got there on Sunday EARLY but they were all so excited about the show, and they did such a great job. A big, big round of applause to director Darlene Myers and all of the dancers, it was such an amazing show. You can see the full performance coming up at Proctors too, click here to buy tickets now (ps this one sells out!). Now let's put on our comfiest pants and get ready for Thanksgiving, shall we?!

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