My Latest {Breastfeeding} Mama Must Have

Breastfeeding, not always easy for everyone, am I right?! Sometimes we need a little help here and there, and that's where my latest favorite product comes in. Click through to get the details, nursing mamas...

I've been dabbling in essential oils for a little while now, so when I found the Mama Milk Boost roller I had to try it (and at just 8 bucks it's also a great deal). Super easy to use, you just roll it on a few times a day (taking a break every ten days or so) and I have to tell you it DOES WORK. I was skeptical, I was, which is why I wanted to wait till I had been using it a while to post about it, but I'm hooked, and I'm about to order another bottle of it (plus some of her Mama Uplift and Baby Teething Relief (OMG the baby is majorly going through some teething pain, oy).

Want even more of a milk boost? Here's my go-to lactation smoothie recipe: (for local Saratoga readers, all of these smoothie ingredients can be found at Healthy Living Market and Cafe).


Half an avocado Vanilla coconut milk (I like the sweetened coconut milk because of the flavor it adds to the smoothie but you can also use the unsweetened if you want less calories) Half a banana Ground flax (find in bulk section) Warrior Vitality Blend: Maca & chia & cacao nibs powder Turmeric powder Black sesame seeds Green superfood powder Sprinkle with fenugreek seeds on top (find in bulk section)

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For all of these ingredients I add about a teaspoon, with a tablespoon of both the chia blend and the Warrior blend, but you can adjust it according to consistency. I tend to make big smoothies so if you are making an 8 oz. one you might have to adjust these amounts so it isn’t too thick.

The Moringa powder is known to increase breast milk production, as well as the flax and the fenugreek seeds. This smoothie is great to add to a breakfast routine to make sure you’re getting at least some of these lactation boosting benefits during the day and you can play around with the recipe and add berries, take out the avocado and add some peanut butter with the banana, the possibilities are endless!