Mom Life: What I Want to Share with You About Going Through IVF

Part of the scariness of being a mom, or becoming a mom, or even thinking about becoming a mom, is the unknown. What will it be like? What will it feel like? How will it happen? And if things don't happen the way you expected them to, that adds in even more of a stressful unknown. The thing is, there are things that moms aren't always open about, for whatever reasons. Maybe they don't feel comfortable sharing something so personal, maybe they fear that people will be judgmental. But when we share our experiences, we can help other people going through something similar, we can help people feel less alone.

With this installment of the Mom Life Series, I want to find women willing to share their own stories about going through IVF. You can share your thoughts in the comments here, in the comments on facebook, or if you'd rather share it anonymously, email me at for more info. xoxo