When Maternity Leave is Over

I consider myself lucky that I am my own boss, and I work from home, because for the most part I get to call the shots when it comes to taking time off. For so many mothers though, their time is defined by their maternity leave, and today I want to talk to you guys about what helped you transition when your maternity leave was over.

I wasn't always a work from home mom. I was working in an office when my oldest son was born, right up until just a few days before my due date. At first, I had every intention of going back to work after my maternity leave. But as the days passed, I knew that wasn't going to happen. Again, I was lucky to be able to make that decision, even though it was still a hard one. I just wasn't ready. Having an emergency c-section kinda rocked my world and threw my expectations totally out of whack, and that only added to my adjustment period.

Before I made the decision to stay home, I remember wondering how I would make it work, at work. Would I pump at work? Would I drive home to feed the baby? Would I just give up breastfeeding altogether? Who would watch the baby? Would I be able to adjust my schedule? The what ifs were seriously overwhelming, and even though I thought I had taken care of all those things, it was a totally different case post baby.

So, I want to know what your tips are for transitioning back to work after having a baby. What worked for you, what helped you, what didn't work. What would you have done differently. Share your tips in the comments below (some comments may be used in upcoming issues of Mamatoga Magazine using first names only). xoxo