The Question People Always Ask Me About Having Five Kids

When people see me with all five kids, they usually ask questions like "Are they all yours?" or "Is it crazy to have that many kids?" or "Don't you know about birth control?" (yes people say that and yes it is super duper awkward so please stop). But the most surprising question?

"Are you going to go for number six?". Yes. YES. This is the most asked question. Before I had my first, people would ask when I was going to have a baby. After my first, people asked if I was going to give him a sibling. Then after I had one boy and one girl, people asked if I was going to go for a "tie breaker". After FOUR they still asked, "Gonna have one more?!" and now with five, they still ask.

We are living proof that people will never, ever stop asking. I could be pulling a wagon with twelve children in it and people would still ask if I was going to go for number thirteen, so no, it never stops. I really thought after three people would stop asking, but they don't.

The thing is, it used to bother me. Like, mind your own business about my uterus and future family planning, k?! But now, I get it. People are just curious. Sometimes I think what they actually want to say is "Are you crazy enough to go for another one?". And being curious doesn't bother me anymore, because I hold the power in what my response is. If I feel like getting into an actual conversation about it I might be totally truthful with my answer, if I don't, I might say something along the lines of "I'm not sure yet, I don't have enough for my own soccer team so maybe...".

So I'm over being annoyed about people just being curious. You are the one who gets to steer the conversation about your own personal choices, so make it whatever you want. Sometimes other moms are asking because they want to sort of get some perspective for their own choices, sometimes they are on the fence about what they are going to do and just really want to know what other people's thoughts are, and sometimes people just want to make weird comments about birth control, but whatevs, you get to call the shots.