Current Obsession: Big Little Lies EVERYTHANG

Have you drank the Big Little Lies Kool Aid yet?! It's currently my favorite thing, the book, the miniseries, and guess what? The soundtrack comes out TOMORROW! YES!

In case you're reading this like "Big Little WHAT now?" let me tell you a little more. Big Little Lies is a New York Times Bestseller (and my Book Club's favorite book so far) from Liane Moriarty, and HBO's newest hit series based on the book stars Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, and Laura Dern as mothers in Monterey, a picturesque, seemingly perfect seaside town that’s shaken to its core by a murder.

Now, the finale of the mini series will be on Sunday (UGH) but that still gives you time to read the book first because it is THAT good and you can read it that fast because it is such a page turner. Even if you aren't a reader, catch up on this series now and tune in for the finale, I cannot wait. I literally got HBO NOW just to watch this series.

The secret hit inside this hit though is the soundtrack. I got hooked from just the song in the trailer, but every song so far has been so perfect my Book Clubbers and I have been chatting about when the soundtrack is going to come out, and our prayers have been answered because tomorrow, March 31, ABKCO Music & Records will digitally release Big Little Lies: Music From the HBO Limited Series. Trust me, you'll love all the Big Little Lies stuff out there right now, pick one or pick them all.