Do You Yell?

Everyone has their moments of "Mama's gonna lose her sh*t". It happens. And sometimes when that happens, as mothers, we yell. Today I want to take an informal survey about yelling. Do you do it? Do you feel bad about it? Do you want to yell less?

With five kids, I do my fair share of yelling. I'll be honest. A lot of it involves me standing at the bottom of stairs or the top of stairs trying to do what I like to call "motherly motivation". I yell things like "BRUSH YOUR TEETH!!!!!!" or "STOP WRESTLING!!!!" or "WE DON'T CALL PEOPLE POO POO WIENERS IN THIS HOUSE!!!!!". Sometimes you just have to yell to get your point across. I guess.

I'm not going to lie and say I am totally anti-yelling. Even in my idea of a perfect parenting world, it involves at least a little bit of yelling. I'm a realist. If you see a toddler perched on a couch about to swan dive onto a brother, you're gonna yell. BUT, that being said, I think that I could probably, maybe, possibly, yell a little tiny bit less.

The thing is, sometimes I feel like I'm using the yelling to just vent, literally and figuratively. The stress builds up, I need to let it out, and sometimes a little bit of a shout lets me blow off steam, and I realize that yeah, probably need to find a better way to do that, right?

So I'm going to embark on a "yell less" journey. A realistic one that a mother of five children ten and under can hopefully accomplish. One that will still leave some room for the warning type of yelling but will create some healthy alternatives to the blowing off steam yelling. But I need your help, what are some techniques to stop yelling that have worked for you? Books? Classes? My first book will be Peaceful Parent: Happy Kids, and I'll let you know my progress. So comment below, give me your tips!