DIY Personalized Sun Hat

Alright guys, I have the easiest (and cheapest) summer DIY for the cutest trend right now...

I love the look of the monogrammed/personalized sun hats, but every one I've found online seemed a little...overpriced. So I thought, I can do this, right? The answer is YES. And if I can do it, you can too!

First, gather your materials. I bought my hat on Amazon for $9.99 because I was worried I might mess it up, but the hat turned out to be perfect, great size and hello?! Affordable! Find it here or just find yourself any straw floppy summer hat with a wide brim.

Next you're going to need flat sequin ribbon. I also got mine on Amazon, I wanted a pink color but black looks awesome too. You can find this at any craft store and there are tons of colors to choose from. You will also need a hot glue gun and scissors for the sequin ribbon.

Now, at first I thought maybe I needed to trace my script out first. I went with my last name (shortened version, Mrs. O'K) and pencil didn't really show up so I very lightly went over it with a washable marker that was a similar color to the thread. Personally I found I didn't really need the tracing and wound up making the font bigger than I thought I would, and I was able to gently wash it off after using a magic eraser, so my suggestion is that if you think you need to trace it first use a very light washable marker and just go as light as you can to be able to see it.

When doing a scripty font, you will be using the thread in a continuous pattern, so make sure you slacken the thread a bunch before you get started so you don't have to pull on it from the spool as you go along.

Make sure you keep all the sequins flat and smooth and on the same side (be careful not to flip the thread) as you go along. My biggest suggestion is GO SLOW. Put just a little glue on at a time and start your script that way. When you do have to cut the sequins to start a new word or letter make sure you don't pull any off, and you can tuck the thread edges slightly under the sequin and secure it using a little dab of glue. For my script though most of it was the same continuous piece of thread.

If you get more glue on than you want, don't stress. You can easily pull the glue off after it has dried and gently pull off any extra glue threads that might form. Again, just go slow and make sure you are keeping it in line with the other wording.

And voila! The perfect summer accessory for under $25! Plus you can add embellishments like cute little pom poms or ribbon or some fun patches too (I think I might add some pink pom poms to this one), and I'm going to try my hand at doing a couple little ones for the girls too.