Camp Little Notch, Why Does That Sound Familiar?

Camp Little Notch may be a familiar name. It was established in 1939 by the Albany area council of the Girl Scouts of the USA and was operated by the Girl Scouts for 70 years, providing a wilderness experience for thousands of girls. Because of financial reasons, the Girl Scouts decided to sell the property. In 2012, a group of former campers who wanted the Little Notch experience to continue formed a non-profit organization, Friends of CLN, and resumed operation as a national outdoor education, recreation and retreat center.

Since then the camp has been operating a summer program for girls, hosted theme weekends for the public, conferences and meetings, and is available for group and family camping. All members are owners, and Camp Little Notch is the first independently operated camp purchased from a Girl Scout council in the country. Friends of Camp Little Notch owners know the value of wilderness, participating in camper planning in the natural environment. We firmly believe children matter. Their voices matter.

A 2,300 acre tract of thickly wooded mountainous country located about 15 miles northeast of Glens Falls became the permanent camp of the Albany Girl Scouts, Inc. on June 1, 1939. The property was entirely undeveloped and furnished an opportunity for all types of camping. During the first summer only girls thirteen years of age and older were accepted for each two-week session since camping was done on a pioneer basis. Title to the camp was formerly held by the Mt. Hope Mining and Iron Company and one of the interesting features is the old iron mine and smelting furnace. It is said that some of the metal for the Monitor of Civil War came from the mine. The site offers opportunity for many Girl Scout activities. Inlets on the mile long pond provide swimming and boating facilities.

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