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Basically, I like to make shirts I want to put on my own kids...

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And They're Off 

Last summer I designed the original "And They're Off" t-shirt as a nod to the beautiful city I live in and also as a nod to the fact that all of my older children were soon to be off for the e n t i r e summer. I was totally blown away by how popular the design was, and it remains one of my favorite t-shirts...

I also once in a while will design some homeware type stuff, like my Saratoga Springs map throw pillow. 

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I design and sell all of my original designs under The Stick Pony label on Threadless, and you can find all of the items by clicking below. Have a shirt you'd like me to design just for you? Email me at Jenny@mamatoga.com and let's put our heads together.